Hard & Soft Landscape Construction Division

Stone Will has evolved into a Full Service Hard & Soft Landscape Construction company. We have experience in constructing all types of Landscape Projects. Our Services include;

  • All aspects of hard landscaping including concreting, paving, walling, structures, metal fabrication and installation, stone masonry and fencing
  • Soft Landscaping including planting and turfing, wetland construction, bush regeneration and rehabilitation.
  • Full and detailed playground construction
  • Street furniture customisation and installation
  • Water feature and pond construction
  • Minor civil and drainage works
  • Anything your project requires, we can deliver!

Landscape Maintenance Division

Stone Will has it’s own full service Landscape Maintenance Division. We are ever growing and have a large and expansive list of Contracts both large and small. Whatever your project, we can maintain it. Our Services include;

  • Land Clearing and Tree Removal (Arborist Works)
  • Sporting Field and General Turf Maintenance
  • Garden Area and Wetland Planting Area Maintenance
  • Paving and Hardstand Maintenance
  • Fertiliser / Herbicide / Pesticide Maintenance Programs
  • Anything your project requires, we can deliver!

Retaining Wall Division

Stone Will was started as a Retaining Wall Company. Years later we still specialise in all types and sizes of Retaining Walls. Our Services include;

  • Excavation Works
  • Footings incl. Piers
  • Retaining Wall Types; Earth / Rock / Timber / Steel / Concrete / Brick / Masonry / Pannel / etc.
  • Cladding, Capping, Rendering, Painting, etc.
  • Any type of Signage (e.g. Mild Steel, Corten, Stainless Steel, Timber, etc.)
  • Sealing and Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • We also specialise in custom work … Ask and we can deliver!